Writing Wednesday: 4/13/2016

Welcome to my first "Writing Wednesday." Now - I know it's not "Wisdom Wednesdays" like originally planned, but the reality of actually getting questions to answer, is - at the moment, slim to none. SO. To make this a little more fun for me, I thought about doing a "Writing Wednesday." I can share some of my unpublished writing - poems - etc. You can also request a theme for me to write about. But this is just a way of allowing you to see more than just "Allerleirauh" or "Seven Seeds of Summer." I could even show exclusive items from those published works! The sky is the limit in this case!

For now, I thought to share the Epilogue of "Allerleirauh," which is not - at the moment - included in the novel that you can purchase on Amazon. I actually spent a lot of time contemplating an Epilogue but just never found the right ending. .

Just as "Allerleirauh" was going on a book tour, I was inspired enough to finally give the novel what I wanted it to have.

So, without further ado - I give you the official "Epilogue" of "Allerleirauh."



                  I was surprised to see Klaus kneeling in front of the fireplace, as I slowly entered his bed chamber. The wedding festivities had long since gone away with the ringing of the soft indication of hours; As Klaus and I parted in our dinner and dances, I escaped to my own bedroom where Mrs. Benson waited for me. She drew a warm bath for me, smiling every so often in my direction. I could not help but echo the same sentiments. Today was a beautiful, new day. As I sat in the large tub, I tried to gather my courage for the rest of the evening. But as my gaze fell upon Klaus’s face, I knew I had nothing to fear. Just as I had known as I walked towards him earlier in the cathedral.
           “I had wondered if I should expect you tonight,” Klaus said with a grin and extended his hand out to me.
           “Or if I would have to seek you out myself.” I let out a shaky laugh and shook my head.
           “Indeed not.”
           “I had the servants bring some spiced chocolate,” Klaus gestured to the small arrangement on the floor, where I then took notice of blankets and pillows carefully placed to accommodate the both of us.
           “Would you join me, my lovely wife?” I could not help the joyful flutter that filled my heart and stomach at his voice;wife.
           “I wanted to know if you’d help me do something,” I asked softly, glancing at him for approval. Klaus tilted his head confused and nodded.
           “Alright. What do you wish to do?”

           It had been some time since I had last worn the cloak, and I knew I was ready to let go of my life in Tränen; all aspects of it. I did not want to live in the past, to remember my Father’s hands or cursed words. I knew I no longer needed to hide myself as ‘Allerleirauh,’ and I would never again need to hide beneath the coat of a thousand furs. I turned back towards the door, where I had servant waiting with the fur cloak in hand. With a grateful nod, I took the garment and dismissed them quietly.
Klaus’s eyes gazed at the cloak and then slowly up at me.
         “What would you like to do with this?”
         “I would like to burn the cloak, Klaus. I don’t need it anymore. I have everything I could ever want with you. You’ve given me a new start, a new life. You...” I paused, biting my bottom lip. “You showed me a love I never thought possible. I know with you I shall never need to hide myself again.” Klaus’s expression softened and he smiled, nodding. His hands carefully took the garment, rising it up carefully between us as he looked at the cloak more closely. I could remember watching the hunters and servants bring in the pieces of fur, by the window with Myriah, fearing my fate. Little did I know the salvation I would find in Saarland der Licht, and the safety and friendship in the arms of the Prince.

            “If it’s what you’d truly wish,” he murmured, nodding as he lowered the cloak. “We can do this together.” With a nod of agreement, I followed Klaus to the make-shift bed, and knelt beside the fireplace with him. He slipped the cloak of a thousand furs into my hands and pressed a soft kiss against my forehead. The hotness of the fire warmed my arms as I leaned closer, slowly lifting the heavy fur towards the logs Klaus must have just placed before I entered the room.
           “We are more. We see each other as we are, as we are meant to be seen. Not as what the world wishes us to be…” Klaus’s words from the day in the forest resounded in my mind. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of the first time at the lake with him; his charm and smile. Since the ball with my Father and the reveal of my secret, Klaus had greeted me with love every morning and tended to me with the same, every night. He would indulge me with nights in the library, small private dinners, and much laughter. I knew I would always love him.

         With a squeeze of my eyes, I tossed the bundle of furs onto the hot logs and watched as the flames licked and enveloped the coat. “You are more than what he’s done to you, love.” My gaze drifted back to Klaus, who watched along beside me; his jaw clenched as if he were deep in thought.

After a long moment of watching the coat disappear into piles of ashes, his green eyes met mine again.
Klaus lifted my hand, turning my palm upwards where he kissed my skin gently.


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