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Writer's Wednesday! Author Interview: Jadie Jones

It's been a very long time since I've featured an author on my blog (I think it's been well over a year and a half) but here I am again! Today, Jadie Jones - the author of the recently released "Wildwood," published by Parliament House Press - is here and was willing to answer some very fun questions in celebration of her book release! 

Thank you Jadie for stopping by! Let's just get right down to the interview! 

Jadie Jones
Jadie's Novels: The Hightower Trilogy (formerly known as the Moonlit Trilogy)  Book #1 is now called Wildwood, and released 9/26/17.  Sequels will follow in quick succession.
 If you could go back and re-write a novel, or re-experience writing a novel of yours, which one would it be and why?: This is a timely question, because rewriting my entire trilogy is e…

If My Characters in "Allerleirauh" were Lipcolors

With the Fall Season officially here. . . I thought it might be fun to include some "fall" makeup fashion into my "Book-Writing" world! 
If you love makeup like I do, it's always fun to try to replicate a "look" that a character might have worn in a movie, or in a show. Being that books don't really show-case "makeup" looks, I thought it might be fun to describe my characters as LIPSTICK colors! 

So without further ado, this is how I envisioned my characters from "Allerleirauh" in a lip color! 
The King:  Perversion (Urban Decay) 
Black for how cruel and evil the "Mad King" is in "Allerleirauh." 

The Queen Fire Down Below (Nars) It's almost a perfect "red-lip" lip color. Royal Red. . . 

Lord Haven Heat (Metallized) (Urban Decay)  Lord Haven (the right hand of the Mad King) is nearly as crazy as his sovereign.  That sort of crazy should come with a "hea…

The Songs in Our Hearts is Now Available!


The Songs in Our Hearts - Chapter Two

~Chapter Two~          Everybody Talks - Neon Trees    SAM MUST HAVE WORKED HER magic quickly, because within the timeframe of two class periods, almost everyone in the eleventh grade knew about my alleged crush on Micah Jacobs... I wasn’t sure why it was such a big deal. But it was a small town, and everyone lived for gossip. Walking into science class, I began to hear Micah’s name whispered around me. Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt. I tried my best to ignore it as I pulled my textbook and spiral out of my backpack and waited not-so-patiently for our teacher to begin her lecture, but I couldn’t help feeling everyone’s stares on me. It was even more embarrassing when I walked into my last class of the day and everyone just stopped talking. As I grabbed a few books from my locker to go home, Jennifer came up beside me. “I’m really sorry about all the stupid rumors today.” She shifted the books in her arms. Jennifer was one of the few people who knew what Samantha had don…

The Songs in Our Hearts: Chapter One

~ Chapter One ~Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root
THIRTY. THAT’S HOW MANY MINUTES eleventh graders had for lunch. Not much, but it was all the time we needed to eat, relax for a moment, and catch our breath until the next class period. “I can’t believe it’s chicken and waffles again,” Jennifer sighed as she picked up one of the semi-warm waffles from her plate and tossed it back down. All of us at the table noticed the way it bounced as it landed and grimaced. “Here,” Rachel, my best friend, giggled as she snapped open her lunch box to reveal her ultimate home packed lunch. Tugging a Ziploc bag of potato chips free, she pulled it open and offered some to Jen. “Thanks,” Jennifer mumbled with a wrinkled nose as she shoved her hand into the bag and pulled out a few chips. Rachel offered me the snack bag next, but I shook my head. “I’m good. We’d better leave the rest for Jennifer or she might be feisty for the rest of the day.” Rachel left the bag beside Jennifer’s lunch tray. Jennifer had b…