If My Characters in "Allerleirauh" were Lipcolors

With the Fall Season officially here. . . I thought it might be fun to include some "fall" makeup fashion into my "Book-Writing" world! 

If you love makeup like I do, it's always fun to try to replicate a "look" that a character might have worn in a movie, or in a show. Being that books don't really show-case "makeup" looks, I thought it might be fun to describe my characters as LIPSTICK colors! 

So without further ado, this is how I envisioned my characters from "Allerleirauh" in a lip color! 


The King: 
Perversion (Urban Decay) 

Black for how cruel and evil the "Mad King" is in "Allerleirauh." 

The Queen
Fire Down Below (Nars)
It's almost a perfect "red-lip" lip color. Royal Red. . . 

Lord Haven
Heat (Metallized) (Urban Decay) 
Lord Haven (the right hand of the Mad King) is nearly as crazy as his sovereign.  That sort of crazy should come with a "heat" warning. 

Melted Berry (Too Faced) 

Sweet Myriah almost reminds of a warm, berry pie. Soothing and comforting. This is actually one of my favorite shades of a lip color. It's warm and cozy and wonderful - like Myriah! 

Lord Crestwood
Got Peach? (Too Faced) 

Lord Crestwood is down-to-earth, warm and kind. I thought a nice brown shade would capture the woodsy feel that I have about this great man! 

Prince Klaus
Beach Babe (Tarte) 
He's mellow, gentle, and comforting. He's really the "Prince Charming" of all Prince Charmings. But he's not flashy, and he's not extravagant. Klaus is just ... Klaus. Bearing all. . .A nude color just fit him...

And last, but not least... 

Have We Met? (Marc Jacobs) 
Call me stereotypical, but Aurelia is very "girly." It felt like it would be dishonest if I didn't choose a pinky color for her. This shade was nearly perfect. She's a Princess - she wears gowns, but she kicks a$$. 


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