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From: Me -- To: You

                        So, I've started a new novel -- or really, a novel that I've had going on for a while. Back about a year ago, I wrote my fiance a non-fiction/fiction version of our relationship. I think I really finally put down everything that I thought and felt and things that I really only knew. I've been wanting to write something that soft and fluffy and not really intense the way "Seven Seeds of Summer" is -- and the way "Allerleirauh" is.                       If you're not familiar, I would eagerly suggest to you, reader, to check them both out. Keep in mind that "Seven Seeds" is my first novel -- full of mistakes and cliche characters. I feel that "Allerleirauh" is at least something that I'm very proud of -- a lifetime's dream come true. I've always wanted to write a re-telling of the story, and I'm glad that I finally did. Now it's Roberto and I's turn. I've got two new Characters

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! I was glad to be home and see my family again. In the meantime, I was so glad to see my book was finally posted as a paper-back! So please, if you haven't already . . . check it out!  Family is so important to me - and it was so good to be back in their arms and smile when we could.  I also received great and wonderful gifts. Did you? I'd love to hear about them!                    The countdown begins until the end of the year - only the matter of a few days!

Published Novel - Allerleirauh

I Published my Novel, "Allerleirauh."  You're able to purchase a copy of the book here on Amazon There will be a paper-back version soon to follow! Stay Tuned! 

Christmastime - Personal Post

This Christmas has been really rough. This is actually the first Christmas without my Father. My Dad died on August 7th of this year (2015) - a beautiful and sunny Friday Morning - around 6am. His death certificate says he died at the Williamsport Hospital, but truth be told - he died at work. He died alone, without his family. He had a heartattack . . . Sometimes I wonder if he knew what was happening. I wonder if he sank to the floor knowing that no one would find him in time. Was he sad? I struggle now spiritually - for I blame God for stealing my Dad away from me. He might have taken my Dad to a beautiful, new world - but he took him away from me during a time when his family needed him. Is that how death really is? You're here one minute and then you're not? It just doesn't seem fair. But then again, my life is hardly fair. the things that I could tell... how this girl who dreamed of love and happiness .. kinda fell short in many ways. My life is full of one heartac

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Interview with Books Direct

Full Interview Can Be Found Here Interview With the Author Hi Chantal! Thanks for joining me today to discuss your new book, Seven Seeds of Summer . For what age group do you recommend your book? Honestly, I’d have to say that I always imagined my book for readers like me; ranging from thirteen to thirty. As a twenty five year old, I have a guilty pleasure of enjoying the Young Adult genre.  Seven Seeds of Summer  is a book for any age! What sparked the idea for this book? This originally started as a homework assignment in a Novel Writing class I was taking at Susquehanna University as a Junior in college. It was my first real “novel writing” class; I had taken fiction short story classes, poetry, non-fiction, but this class was a head-on towards my dream of who I wanted to be as a writer: a novel writer. As a class we had to design a story board of a story idea, from start to finish, with pictures of our characters, settings and other details. After a failed attempt of m
                                            The Novel Video of "Seven Seeds of Summer."


It seems like it's been forever since I've been here, and indeed- readers (if there are any), it has. It was actually a year and four months ago that I last wrote on this blog. It seems much has changed in the past months. I've experienced great loss, in the sudden death of my father Paul Gadoury . I've been working on a new novel - for now called "Allerleirauh."  (Just click the name and it'll take you to the Wiki page of the Fairy Tale to learn more about it.) I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here - I'm still around. And I hope to get better about blogging. Who knows, it might even be good for me! For now, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.... From my Family, to yours.