Flattering Reviews

I feel really lucky to be having the ratings that I've received so far. I feel really, very lucky. This morning, after receiving another email from a review swap that I've been participating in - and seeing the wonderful words of encouragement, I looked up to the ceiling and closed my eyes and kept saying "See Dad? See?"
I might have lifted my phone up too - just in case he wanted to see. But I guess, in a way - he does.

I wished so much that I could call him and say "Dad!! I'm getting all of these really great reviews, see?"
Where-ever you are today Dad - just know that I'm doing this for you.Because even if you're not here anymore on earth, I still feel want to feel your pride inside my heart.

So, with that said -- if you haven't had a chance to read "Allerleirauh" please - I encourage you to take a chance. It's a fairy tale - something simple and nice. In the years of war and tribulation, people found solace in fairy tales. Take a moment from your busy life - and try something new. You never know what it might inspire.


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