Update About My Books

Hey There! It's been forever and a day since I've written anything on this blog, and it's honestly such a huge shame - being that I love to write when I have a topic!

But I do have something really exciting to share (actually, quite a few things.)
First, I have two book covers for two novels that'll be coming out this summer. While I don't have a definite date yet for my first contemporary novel "The Songs in Our Hearts," - I do have a beautiful cover to show you!

And then, my pride and joy - "Allerleirauh" will be coming out on August 22nd 2017. This novel has been on a journey and seriously, I've . . . cherished the experience. While "The Songs in Our Hearts" is a super personal story for me, "Allerleirauh" has been something I've been working on for so long. (And when I say "so long" - I mean YEARS.)

So first, let's show these babies off!

Gorgeous, right? I'm super excited. I don't even think "excited" can really summarize how I feel. Lucky. Lucky is a good word. Grateful. And hopeful. I'm so hopeful that these novels will do well out in the world. That as soon as they're released, someone will take a chance on reading them and LOVE them.

While "Allerleirauh" is a stand alone novel, "The Songs in Our Hearts" does have a sequel - and I'm still working on perhaps getting that out into the world.

Currently, I'm working on my newest #WIP (Work in Progress) - a novel with the working title of "Between the Sea and Stars." It's going to be my first 'mermaid' novel - which, I'm honestly super excited about. I've been gathering a mixture of soundtracks - which remind me of the ocean and beautiful love stories. . . and trying to buckle down in writing a brand new, well loved novel ! <3 nbsp="" p="">

I'd recommend that if you haven't already - be sure to add "Allerleirauh" and "The Songs in Our Hearts" to your TBR (To Be Read) Lists on Goodreads! AND - if you're interested in getting sneak peeks to join my Oh-So-Awesome newsletter list! 


Unknown said…
I can't wait to read both. They look great.

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