Allerleirauh Release Day!

Happy Release Day! 

I'm so excited to be sharing this day and this novel with all of you! I wanted to share where you can find your copy.... TODAY! 

Apple iBooks
Parliament House Press Bookstore -  
Exclusive coupon code: "RELEASEWEEK" to save 20% in the PHP Bookstore only. 


“I won’t ever let them near you again, Aurelia. I swear it,” he promised as his grief-filled eyes met mine. “You must know I love you. It never mattered to me whether you were a princess or not. It matters not to me if you think you are soiled, because to me . . . you are more . . . You are more than what has happened to you, and you always shall be,” he said softly as his hand slid to my cheek. Carefully, his thumb wiped a tear away. 
“You are this wonderful, head-strong, and brave woman,” Klaus continued. “No one has any right to ever try to take such a thing away from you. It should only ever be admired and cherished.” More tears began to spill over my cheeks as relief flooded me. Klaus would not turn me away; instead, he accepted me. I rested my forehead against his shoulder, as I felt his arms slowly wrap around me. 
“Tell me what you wish for me to do, my sweet Aurelia, and I will do it.”


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