Fun-Treat Friday: Julie Simons Interview and Free Promo!

Welcome to a New Fun-Treat Friday! Today, I have the Author of "Angel of Night" - Julie Simon! 
She's here for a new Author Interview & to surprise you all with 
A FREE Promo of "Angel of Night!" 


1.  Where can we find you online?
For now, primarily my website:; 
soon my Facebook page will have updates and promo deals running through it.

2.  Date of publication for your current novel?
Angel of Night, published April 11, 2016.

3.  What inspired Angel of Night?
Stories come into my mind as they will, and without explanation.  The story that led to the construction of Angel of Night is no exception. It burst into my mind, scene after scene.  I can trace some of the foundation of many of the scenes to certain experiences.  I can trace the setting to a place I lived (Placerville, CA), and I can trace certain character traits to personalities I’ve come across—but not as a direct translation.  My subconscious picked apart my mind, processed the pieces through my imagination, and handed me this—my book.  It was my job to get it jotted down, break it into chapters, and give it a title.

4.  Tell in one sentence why we should read your book.
You will find Leah’s and Asher’s strength and determination to be so contagious that while you read their story—and for quite a while after, I think—you will find new strength within you to face horrible, terrifying things and beat them—or die trying, without regret, which is the joy and gift that accompanies true integrity.

5.  What was the hardest part about writing Angel of Night?
Getting the timeline settled.  As I said before, my mind builds the stories for me and presents them to me.  My mind presents them to me visually, one scene at a time, like I’m watching a movie.  The scenes are usually very crisp and clear but my mind does not give them to me in chronological order.  It’s up to me to get them arranged properly.  For this book, I struggled to avoid paradoxes within the timeline.  Editing was challenging and frustrating, but in the end everything worked out fine.

6.  If you could take a character from your book out on a date, where would you go and what would you do?
It would not be a romantic date—I feel more motherly toward my characters than anything else, but I would take Asher out.  I would have him take me to see his family (from a distance) and tell me all about what happened so long ago that drove him away from them and led to him becoming the person he is when he meets Leah.  There are details that he needs to think about and he needs to talk about.  Maybe we’ll all get to go out on this date with Asher in book II, Angel of Light. I have something along these lines in mind.

7.  Do you have any future books planned?
Can I count them?!  I have two sequels planned for Angel of Night:  Angel of Light, and a third that is as of yet untitled.  Other than that I have many books started or imagined that are begging to be finished.  I have upwards of 28 books in various stages of completion in my head and on my computer and still more trying to creep in!

8. Did you always want to be a writer?
No.  I always assumed that writing professionally was out of reach.  The notion of writing a novel has always seemed so intimidating!  And still is in many ways.  But yet, it happened.  I had these stories building up in my mind, dying to get out, so finally I started to write them down. At first, I was very nervous about it all, but over time I began to sculpt these “scenes” and story-lines into something that looked and felt more like a book that I might share with someone else. But I didn’t really consider myself a “writer” in the official sense until I had something down that I thought I could take all the way to publication.

9.  Do you have a favorite book and why? 
Dune.  I read it for the first time when I was thirteen and I’ve read it several times since—just again this past year.  Seeing the main character, Paul, transition from “well-trained youth” to a nearly omniscient, omnipotent super power accomplished primarily through the art of… self-discipline and awareness?  It’s inspiring and invigorating.  And I love his courage, his boldness, and …let’s face it, his audacity.  Such an impudent boy!  But when you’ve got the genius to back it, yes, be audacious.

10.  If you were in a bookstore, where would we find you?
If not in the young adult section—my preferred genre—or in the children’s section, shopping for my kids, then the next likely place would be in the non-fiction section, looking through books on space.  I love the beauty and mystery of space with all of its stars and planets and nebulae and ever-mysterious time-defying black holes….   You might guess—I have several science fiction books planned.  I hope to get to them soon.

July 2nd and 3rd on AMAZON

Thanks Julie for stopping by and sharing a bit about you and the writing process! 
If you haven't read "Angel of Night" yet - Here's your chance!! 


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