Angel of Night: Julie Simons

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Today I'm going to be reviewing a new novel called "Angel of Night" 
The novel was given to me from the Author, 
For my honest review which I can't wait to share with you! 


He could guard an ancient temple or preside over the gates of Hell…. 

After enduring years of terrifying nightmares, a mysterious figure has begun to appear in Leah’s dreams. He's both grim and glorious--lit with the glory of the sunrise, yet his fierce countenance banishes the horrors that haunt her. She recognizes him as the imposing, enigmatic senior who has drawn her interest since first sight. He’s been frequenting her dreams for months but now seems to be watching her day and night, and Leah can’t resist fantasizing that the aloof boy everyone else is afraid of may actually be protectively watching over her. But her friends warn her that he’s dangerous. When Leah’s worst nightmares begin to materialize around her and her world begins to fray at the seams, her night angel is the only one Leah trusts to help her. Angel or demon, with danger closing in on her, she wants to believe that he can save her. But can anyone save her from herself? If she only knew what awaits her. There’s something Leah’s nightmares have been trying to tell her….


My Review

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love romance: YA Romance, Adult Romance... I love anything "romance." When I first read the description of the novel, I wondered if I would be encountering a novel that was a bit like "Hush Hush," with the whole "bad boy" image in a High School setting and the lure of him becoming the savior. As I read this novel, I realized I was wrong. "Angel of Night" is so much more. With a hint of a flavor of the novels that most of YA Readers have read, "Twlight" "Hush Hush" "Shiver" "Of Light and Darkness," - etc ... "Angel of Night" deserves (to me) to be among the shelves of these timeless YA classics. This should be a novel that sits among the New York Best Sellers List. (And I'm not just saying that either.) 

Before I began to read "Angel of Night," I went to check out what other's were saying about Julie Simons's novel, just curious to see what I'd be diving into. (It's actually more of a new thing I've been doing lately with all the novels on my "To Read" list - I love to see what others are saying about it but also avoiding Spoilers.) There is one word that I would have to agree with: 

"Angel of Night" is definitely Spellbinding. 

Leah is a fascinating character - strong, determined - definitely has a mind of her own. 
Asher is this very complex character; mysterious, guarded and very "deep." There was something about Asher that really compelled me to rush (at times) to get back his POV. 

I thought it was fascinating in how fluid each transition from one POV to another was in this novel. Having gone to school for Creative Writing, and in the past always writing stories in different POVS - I had always been so discouraged to do what Julie did. There are rare novels that really make it work, and "Angel of Night" worked. We always had just enough of the character that caused us to want more when it was the next character's turn to "talk." 

The entire world works - there are key elements of the "fantasy" realm, and yet it stays very consistent in this very "normal," "everyday world." 

I'd highly recommend this novel for anyone who loved the classic YA. Those who are looking for that "next" book to quench their thirst for a Great "All-Season" novel. 

I definitely give Julie a 4.5/5 Stars for this novel! 

If you'd like to find more information on "Angel of Night" be sure to check out the links here! 

About the Author

Julie Simons was born and raised in Southern California but moved to Northern California during high school, discovering the beauty of the Sierra Foothills, which inspired the setting of her first novel, Angel of Night, set in the hub of the Foothills--Placerville, California. Julie's experiences attending Placerville's El Dorado High School inspired many of the lively anecdotes that Leah, the main character, experiences in her tumultuous time there.

Julie went on to earn a degree in biology from Stanford University. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband and three children. Hobbies include writing, lots of daydreaming (writing in embryo), basking in warm summer days when Connecticut weather deigns to grant them, and hiking in the few remaining patches of Connecticut's ancient forests that so remind her of the beauty of Northern California that will always be home.


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