This is the one thing no one ever tells you about writing novel - how hard it is to advertise it! I guess most authors (or just me) think it's really up to the publishers, and while I can say I didn't have an experience like that with "Seven Seeds" - Publishing "Allerleirauh" myself has really made me even more determined to get it out - because it's really all ON me.

I've begun to edit photos to share, to boost on facebook, to advertise with . . It's just this on-going, every day, sometimes it's all I think about.
I've recently signed up for a Book Tour - so I'm hoping that'll help me as well.

This has been all consuming. All day- All night. I guess in the end, I hope I earn back all the money I invest in this novel - but I believe in it. And I think that's the most important thing a writer has - 
To believe in their work. 

Allerleirauh means that much to me - and more. <3 p="">


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